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Political Postcards for April 2017

March 29th, 2017

Good news! Last month, we sent out postcards to save the Elliot Forest, and it was a part of a successful campaign.

Here are our efforts for this month’s actions. Adapt them as you like, but remember to remain polite and direct. I included one angry rant option as the last postcard. If you do send an angry rant, be sure to never threaten, as this is illegal.

Send these to your local representatives. Please note that most of this round are for matters that relate to the House of Representatives.

In Oregon, I recommend writing to Greg Walden, our Republican rep, since he’s the most necessary to persuade. He has different offices, so you can use various destinations. I understand it is best to mail in to regional offices for all reps, rather than to D.C.

Also, it’s best to add your zip code after your name, to verify that you are a constituent, or live in their state.

Honorable Greg Walden

14 N. Central Ave.

Suite 112

Medford, OR 97501

1051 NW Bond St.

Suite 400

Bend, OR 97701

1211 Washington Avenue

La Grande, OR 97850

Dear Honorable Greg Walden,

I am very concerned about DeVos’ school voucher system proposed in HR 610. Citizens need the federal government to support the equal education of every child. I am most concerned for kids who with IEP’s, in special education, ESL, and who need school lunches. Please vote No on HR 610.

Best Regards,

Name and Zip Code


I am very concerned about the repeal of the protections on wildlife that occurred in Congress this week. It is repugnant to allow so-called hunters to slaughter wolf and bear’s in their dens while they are hibernating. Please consider legislature that will improve the dignity of hunters in regards to animal rights.



I am writing in regards to concern over HB 1986 and HB1894. I feel these are discriminatory bills that attempt to make it illegal for transgendered people to live in the peace and freedom that all Americans should be granted. Please vote no on these and any future bills that might arise of a similar nature.

Best Regards,



I am writing with great concern over the repeal of the AHA and the proposed “TrumpCare” that only would make it very hard for me to get insurance. We need a system that is affordable up front, and not just in tax breaks. I also hope to have options on which doctors I see, including acupuncture and naturopaths. Please prove the GOP can care for the people better than the AHA, rather than supporting the rich, insurance companies and medical institutions.

Thank you,



I am very concerned about the Trump Budget proposal. It aims to dismantle key non-profit programs that our community needs. This money is small to the US Federal Treasury, but means the world to the disabled, the hungry, the elderly, and the young. Please only pass a budget that supports the non-profits that helps the impoverished and others in need.

Thank you,


And, for those of you who need to vent and skip the polite, feel free to send along a bit of reflection on the bastard’s recent decision on the value of your privacy this week:

Dear Dishonorable

I am enraged that you and the GOP gave away the right to sell my private browser history to the highest bidder. Your actions make it apparent that you have no value for your constituents’ best interests. I hope someone purchases and publishes your browser history to learn more about your “interests”. I am sure they are as twisted as your integrity as a representative.

Rot in Hell,


Thank you for taking part in the democratic process as citizens.



Political Postcard Party

Hey Americans,

Last night, I had some friends over to write to our representatives.

These issues are ones that our Postcard Writing Party found worthy of writing about. Feel free to copy them, but it’s best if you use your own words. Some are a bit long for a postcard, so write small or edit it down to the key points of your concern and what action you would like taken.

Remember, always be polite and respectful, using their honorary prefix titles, even if you don’t feel them in your heart of hearts. Please sign with your real name and include your zip code.

And, hey, if you disagree with the topic or the statement, that is your right. Feel free to write the opposite to your own representative. I respect your voice, and hope you respect mine. Let’s all Love America and aim for a better future together.


RE: DAPL Protestors being

Director James Comey

FBI Headquarters

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

(202) 324-3000

Dear Director James Comey,

I am concerned to hear that the joint terrorism task force of the FBI is investigating activists from the DAPL. I believe that this constricts the rights of citizens to protest, and can invoke a state of fear that undermines our freedom.
Please stop this program’s involvement, so we citizens can feel safe in speaking out and protecting our water rights.



Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/10/fbis-terrorism-unit-opens-up-investigation-against-dakota-pipeline-opponents/#ixzz4aEFUaJpP




Write a Postcard to Trump, telling him why you are unhappy with him as President. This is about being a mass flood of postcards, so say whatever you want. Be sure to send it ON March 15th.

On March 15th, mail your messages to:

President Donald J. Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500


A great website I found to find different local bills regarding equality issues is here. Check in regularly:




The Honorable Dennis Richardson

Oregon Secretary of State

55 South Fifth St,

Central Point, OR 97502

To the Honorable Dennis Richardson,I am concerned that you were a speaker at the Oregon Liberty Alliance’s Freedom Rally on Saturday, Feb. 25. I am a supporter of the 2007 Oregon Equality Act, and especially hope that you will stand up for the rights of the LGBTQ Community in any discrimination situations.

Thank you,




Attn: Tobias Read

900 Court Street, Room 159

Salem, OR 97301

Office of Treasurer Read:(503) 378-4329

Dear State Treasurer Tobias Read,

I am writing with concern for the sale of the Elliot State Forest. I hear you’re obliged to the schools. I believe it is far more important that this land is conserved for these children’s future enjoyment, rather than undersold to private loggers. Please honor your campaign promise and revoke your vote.

Thank you,


Also can send mail to:The Honorable Dennis Richardson (change letter, no prior promise)

Oregon Secretary of State

55 South Fifth St.

Central Point, OR 97502


Thank you for doing your part to share your concern for the issues with your representatives.